This is The way!


  • MDPC-X Sleeving

    We offer handcrafted extensions and modular MDPC-X sleeves. We only stocks the main colours in limited quantities. Due to demand we have a 3 week turnaround on sets where we have the stock available. For any order that requires us to order the sleeves in this may be longer.

  • Peripherals + Component Sourcing

    We believe that there is a perfect match for everyone being a great set of headsets or a specific keyboard. That's why we offer a wide range of peripherals that we know are worth a look at. Don't see something on our website? No stress let us know and we will source it for you.

  • Pre-Built Computers

    We are always building and testing new components and new setups. Once we are happy they meet our expectations then only do we add them to our website. That being said everything is interchangeable meaning we can swap out certain parts to meet your needs and budget.