Cyber who?

We are the mates you talk to about all the new computer components, The mates you ask “can’t you organise a graphics card at a lekka price”. Now that you know Cybernine let me give you a background on me. The guy that keeps this ship a float.

My name is Jason Van Wyk, I come from a digital background. But I’ve been tinkering with tech for as long as I can remember. Because of this I’ve bought components not only from mass retail but smaller companies as well and there are pros and cons to that. One being the price that some place charge and the other the lack of service.

That’s why I started Cybernine. A computer company with good prices and great service before and after the sale as well as more of a niche offering like our MDPC-X custom cables. As my company grows, I grow with it and our offerings and skills are forever evolving to bring you all the best stuff.

So from me and all at Cybernine thanks for popping in and reading this little story. We look forward to assisting you and don’t hesitate to give us a call we happy to chat and assist where we can.

This is the way

How we work

Depending if you are buying a product as is or require something more custom like some MDPC-X cables or a fully custom computer the way we work is different but two things will remain. Communication and excellent product quality. Each step within the order process is trackable from your account page and we give you as much info as possible to keep you in the loop.

Most of the time our clients know what they are looking for and if not we are here to assist. But please take note of these three stock statuses. Our website pulls live stock info from our suppliers so if you see it on the store we have it.

1. Limited stock with supplier: this means there is less than 20 units remaining at the supplier.

2. In stock with supplier: This is great as there is more than 20 units available.

3. In stock with Cybernine: This is the best news as you will get your order sooner.

If we carry the stock we then process the order and get it ready to be shipped your way.

If we don’t have the stock we then place the order with the suppliers and secure your bag. This adds a bit of delay on your order as it takes between 3 – 4 days to get to us depending on where the stock is either JHB, DBN or JHB.

Our custom orders take between 7 and 10 days to complete.

Once the stock arrives or your custom order is complete we then package it and get it ready to be sent to you.

Once the order has been packaged and courier been booked.

We hand it over to The Courier Guy for delivery. Our default delivery is 2 – 3 days from day of dispatch and all orders have a generic insurance attached to it. If you wish to get it sooner you can pay for expedited delivery.

You will get your tracking info emailed and can also track it on your account page under orders.

Please note once it’s with the courier we have no control over their delays etc.